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Hello. This is a really important update so please read!

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Hello! I wanted to update everyone on the future of this blog. I said in the last update that i was waiting more test results and wanted to keep my situation private for a little so i knew how to explain myself to all you guys.

Earlier this week i was diagnosed with germ cell cancer. This has been a long awaited diagnoses as i have been suffering with symptoms for months and it has taken a long time for doctors to figure out what was wrong with me. This time of cancer is extremely rare and i need chemotherapy to kill it. This is going to be an incredibly hard time for me and my family.

I have no idea when i start chemo, as i need my blood monitored for a few weeks, so i will continue editing until i start. I will let you all know when i will be leaving.

I will be having 3 or 4 cycles of chemo lasting about 3 weeks/per cycle. So i will be ill for a very long time and will not be able to edit let alone do much else. I am very sorry for this.

When i go, i will make sure to keep the blog open, so anyone can come on and reblog/check out photosets etc, i will not close the blog entirely, i just wont be updating.

The survival rate for this cancer for my age as explained by my doctor is 90%. So that’s the good news.

I hope i don’t offend anyone by talking about this, or explaining my situation. This is not a cry for attention or something like that, it is just an explanation to those who asked and wondered if i will keep updating the blog. I hope this has answered your questions.

I am a very strong person, and i will get through this. I will be ok, and i will come back and make this blog better then ever. It just might take me some time. I will still be online i’m sure, so feel free to send me any messages or questions, as i for sure will reply to you.

So, as for now i will continue editing as much as i can (please remember i am in still in recovery from my surgery so i do try my best to edit whenever i can) until i know when i will start my treatment. 

Thank you for being the best followers ever, honestly your kind messages and support have got me through these past few months, i just have to get through this hard bit, and then i will be back :-) 

Ps. I will make sure to let everyone know for when i am leaving, i am still here and will still be keeping the blog updated until further notice~

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