glad to see you're back! a set for combat boots or kittens?

I wont be back for long unfortunately :-( (Update coming tomorrow) but thank you! & Sure, added to the list :-) I’ll be editing a few requests tomorrow hopefully.

Hello! Update:

I have been gone for almost a month now. As many of you know i closed the blog because i was going into hospital and was facing a possible cancer diagnosis.

I have now re-opened the blog, please know that this doesn’t mean i’ll be editing and post everyday like before, as i am still awaiting some more results but i am keeping my situation private until i know more.

I am in recovery and am getting pretty bored with watching netflix so i will be editing when i feel up to it. I miss this blog and all my followers. (Even though over 100 unfollowed when i closed, oooh naughty! haha) 

So this is just a quick hello and update, so the blog is open and i guess you would call this a ‘Semi-Hiatus’? & I will try to keep the blog active, but please remember i still have doctors/hospital appointments and stressful days. When i know more about my situation i will make sure to give you all another update!

So that’s it for now! All i can say now is hello & welcome to -photosets :-)