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Hi guys! It’s been a while since i updated, so please read!

As you may have read from my previous update, i was diagnosed with cancer, and was still awaiting results to know when i was starting chemo. Well, after many weeks of blood tests, a brain scan, 2 CT scans and a lung test, I was told i needed no further treatment and i am now in remission. I am still on ‘Intensive Surveillance’ where i have to go to the hospital once a month to get a blood test and a chest X-Ray, plus CT scan every 3 months. But i am all clear! I am cancer free!

It took me a while to make this post, as it was such an awful experience for me and my family, so i hope you guys don’t mind that i kept it private for a while and didn’t edit much during it. 

I will be starting this blog up again, hopefully posting every day, and maybe getting some new members in too! (Look out for a post soon) 

I am healthy and OK, i am still recovering from the surgery, as i’m not healing as fast as i should be, but it’s nothing serious.

I honestly would be such a mess without all the support i have on here, even other photoset blogs which i adore sent me lovely messages, as well as all you followers. I haven’t lost many followers while being inactive, so i thank you for sticking with me! You guys make me so happy :-)

So, look out for loads of new photosets! Autumn is my favorite time of year, i wil be for sure making tones of Autumn/Winter/Christmas/Halloween photosets!

Thank you for all being there for me, even on the worst days. :-)

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